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    Viele Anwendungsmöglichkeiten mit Blockheizkraftwerken aus Gas.

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    Custom-Installed for You

    TEDOM SCHNELL gas CHP units are easy to integrate and adapt to your unique local circumstances. TEDOM SCHNELL CHP units are known for reliability, robustness and efficiency – from turnkey compact modules to sound-insulated container and engine room solutions.


    Innovation and Technology

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    Quick Installation

    Start generating energy quickly with TEDOM SCHNELL CHP units. The simplest approach: a container solution. We can provide a customized installation for the painless integration and rapid commissioning of your CHP unit.

    Turnkey Container Solutions

    Your container comes with a finished, pre-installed CHP unit and everything that goes with it: genset, heat exchanger, ventilation and a control cabinet for operating and monitoring all the functions. Depending on the power class, the container may also contain a gas conditioning module and heating distributor.

    • Complete CHP unit
    • Super silent version with extra sound dampening
    • Various container lengths
    Container zur Kraft-Wärme-Kopplung

    Concrete Acoustic Enclosure

    With a sound-attenuating precast concrete enclosure, you can install your CHP unit in noise-sensitive locations such as near residential areas.

    • Includes electrical installation
    • Comes with peripherals: exhaust routing, ventilation, mixture cooler, concrete acoustic enclosure
    Betonschallhaube zur Kraft-Wärme-Kopplung

    CHP Unit in Engine Rooms

    Thanks to their modular design, our CHP modules can be adapted to fit any engine room. Put our know-how to work for you. Let us design your plant.

    • Custom design and installation
    • Adapts to any room configuration
    • Noise control with extra acoustic enclosure
    • Various noise control requirements
    • As a compact module or separated into components
    Maschinenraum zur Kraft-Wärme-Kopplung
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