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    Das Biogas BHKW inklusive Container von TEDOM

    Biogas CHP Units



    FLEXI 170 – 525 kW electrical

    Powerful, highly efficient and proven thousands of times over. Over 3,000 biogas CHP units in the field. The FLEXI series based on Scania and Liebherr engines satisfies all biogas requirements and expectations. Our dedicated development department tirelessly optimizes the engine technology to keep our machines innovative and state-of-the-art at all times. Its efforts are responsible for our products’ high electrical efficiency. Our solutions are always tailored and optimized for each owner operator, who can choose between a container or a powerhouse installation.

    FLEXI 170 – 525 kW electrical

    Technical Data

    CHP typeEngineMax. electrical
    output (kW)
    Thermal output (kW)¹Electrical efficiency (%)²Thermal efficiency (%)Overall efficiency (%)Rated thermal output (kW)
    FLEXI 180SCANIA17016641.040.081.0415
    FLEXI 265SCANIA25023542.540.082.5588
    FLEXI 265SCANIA26524643.040.083.0616
    FLEXI 350SCANIA35035042.542.585.0824
    FLEXI 500LIEBHERR50050141.341.482.71,211
    FLEXI 530LIEBHERR52552641.341.482.71,271

    1 Thermal power at design temperature +/- 8%
    2  Efficiency at full load pursuant to ISO 3046-1
    Subject to modifications | Last updated: September 2021

    The data listed in this table is based on TEDOM SCHNELL’s technical specifications and is purely informational in nature. 


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