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    Passive Prechambers

    Passive Prechambers

    After merging with TEDOM, its new owner, TEDOM SCHNELL GmbH began devoting even more attention to research and development in Wangen. We are once again investing heavily in new ideas for existing products as well as the CHP technology of the future. One of these projects is the evolution of the passive prechamber. Through our hard work, we developed a solution that outperforms every other product in the marketplace in terms of the robustness, reliability and durability of the prechamber and spark plug. In our solution, the spark plug, prechamber and piston bowl are perfectly matched. As a result, TEDOM SCHNELL’s prechamber achieves higher efficiencies, lower emissions and longer spark plug operating lives.

    Die Passive Vorkammer von TEDOM SCHNELL ist eine effiziente Technologie

    Benefits versus the BlueRail System (Active Prechamber):

    • Lower maintenance costs from eliminating the BlueRail components (compressor, filter, water separator, prechamber check valves, gas injection valves, etc.).
    • Lower internal power consumption from eliminating power-consuming compressor
    • Less system complexity (simpler troubleshooting, lower construction costs for new units)
    • Fewer components means lower likelihood of malfunctions (no biogas lines and check valves in the cylinder head)
    • Comparable electrical efficiency when converting from 6R20.1BO to 6R20.2BO (exhaust energy harnessed by turbo compound and no power-consuming compressor)
    • Cylinder-selective misfire monitoring


    Our Energy Goes into Technology

    TEDOM SCHNELL opened its doors in 1992. Since then, it has evolved into a technologically leading supplier of combined heat and power units for onsite heat and electricity generation. From the very start, we have focused on efficiently utilizing lean gases. Following decades of in-house research and development, we now supply CHP units based on technologies that efficiently harness the energy from lean and natural gas for specific applications.


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