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    After several years of testing, we are proud to present our very own lubricants. We have developed SCHNELL PROTECT OIL in cooperation with major lubricant manufacturers based on our own extensive experience with biogas engines. The oil has a long service life, meets our strict standards for reliable lubrication and is recommended for all TEDOM SCHNELL CHP units.

    Ready-mixed SCHNELL PROTECT COOLANT is also an ideal choice for our engines. Prepared to TEDOM SCHNELL’s exacting requirements, this ready-mixed coolant saves you time, hassle and expense and keeps your CHP unit fully protected at all times.


    Your benefits

    • Dependable engine operation thanks to superior lubrication
    • Ongoing wear monitoring
    • Regular analyses and evaluations
    • Reliable operating life
    • Knowledgeable advice from our experts
    • Regular information about the condition of your genset
    • Preventive maintenance and thus lower costs
    • Excellent protection from deposit formation, acids, wear and corrosion

    The foundation for preventive maintenance 

    This lubricant achieves maximum stability, even in harsh operating conditions, thanks to its special base oils and unique high-performance additives. SCHNELL PROTECT OIL has been developed in accordance with the technical instructions for lubricants and so can be mixed with all current approved engine oils. The first three oil analyses are free with your first purchase (800 l or more). Subsequent analyses are available for a small fee. This is an excellent way to maximize operating hours and thus power yields.


    Your benefits

    • Save time by avoiding mixing
    • No need to set aside external containers
    • No risk to human health or the environment
    • No lapses in concentration – consistent quality guaranteed
    • Less corrosive oxygen introduced into coolant
    • Conductivity strikes optimum balance between embrittlement protection and prevention of stray current corrosion in the cooling water circuit
    • Extend the two-year change interval if analyses yield positive findings for cooling water

    Ready-Mixed in the Ideal Ratio

    The coolant for your CHP unit was developed and mixed in accordance with our requirements and limit values. It has been tailored to the engine and attachment parts used in your unit. The ultra-soft, decalcified top-up water in the mixture prevents scale from forming and damaging your unit. Corrosion and buffer additives are effectively employed by incorporating pre-mixed antifreeze in an ideal mixing ratio.

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