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    Das Biogas BHKW inklusive Container von TEDOM

    Biogas CHP Units



    QUANTO 600 – 2,300 kW electrical

    Our QUANTO series is tailor-made for the challenges of a dynamic market environment. Our models in the 600 – 2,300 kWel power class are versatile, efficient, environmentally friendly and reliable with an excellent return on investment. The manufacturer also continuously optimizes the engine. 

    QUANTO 600 – 2,300 kW electrical

    Technical Data

    CHP typeEngineMax. electrical
    output (kW)
    Thermal output (kW)¹Electrical efficiency (%)²Thermal efficiency (%)Overall efficiency (%)Rated thermal output (kW)
    QUANTO 600MWM60059842.142.084.11,425
    QUANTO 800MWM80078842.441.884.21,885
    QUANTO 1000MWM1,0001,02742.043.285.22,379
    QUANTO 1200MWM1,2001,17742.541.784.22,821
    QUANTO 1600MWM 1,5601,55742.041.983.93,712
    QUANTO 2000MWM2,0001,98342.642.284.84,697
    QUANTO 2300MWM2,3002,19543.441.484.85,302

    1 Thermal power at design temperature +/- 8%
    2  Efficiency at full load pursuant to ISO 3046-1
    Subject to modifications  |  Last updated: September 2021

    The data listed in this table is based on TEDOM SCHNELL’s technical specifications and is purely informational in nature. 

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