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    TEDOM SCHNELL ist ein erfolgreicher BHKW Hersteller.

    About us



    We Convert Energy

    TEDOM SCHNELL is a technologically leading supplier of combined heat and power units for onsite heat and electricity generation. Our highly efficient CHP plants deliver all the benefits of cogeneration and are powered with natural gas, biogas or sewage gas. They come in various styles depending on your requirements: compact module, container or engine room. Whatever you may need, you can count on us to supply a compelling, sustainable end-to-end solution. Onsite energy generation systems offer much better efficiency than large-scale power plants. With TEDOM SCHNELL CHP solutions, you can capture the full capacity of your primary energy by efficiently converting it into electrical and thermal energy.


    Energy Excellence for 30 Years

    Our globally proven technologies lower energy costs. Our products owe their long operating lives and reliability to our commitment to tirelessly refining our technologies. Our 30 years of experience allow us to accommodate a wide range of customer requests. We have more than 200 service technicians stationed at sites throughout Germany to build and service your CHP unit.

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    We Belong to the TEDOM Group

    Since 2016, we have been a member of the TEDOM Group, a company that develops, manufactures, installs and operates combined heat and power units. This merger made us one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of CHP units. Our product portfolio covers power classes from 20 kWel to 4,500 kWel. Learn more about the TEDOM Group today and discover why we are the partner you can count on.

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    Let Us Advise You

    Extensive Experience from In-House Development

    Our engine developers have been optimizing engines that world-leading manufacturers produce specifically for industrial applications since 2003. Our primary focus is on optimizing efficiency and ruggedness.

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    Audited Quality for Optimum Operation

    All our production processes undergo a rigorous quality audit, including a multi-hour test run. We maintain development test benches, cutting-edge simulation systems and quality assurance and testing facilities at our main office in Wangen im Allgäu. We are ISO 9001 certified and keep our production processes eco-friendly in accordance with ISO 14001.

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    Our Know-How Powers Your Success

    Distributed energy production requires superior technology and profound expertise. That's why we support your project from start to finish so that you can ensure a reliable and efficient supply of energy. We know the secrets to improving efficiency as well as the uncertainties involved in renewable energy. Every day, we draw on our 28-plus years of experience to develop highly innovative solutions for energy conversion based on cutting-edge CHP units. Once your system is up and running, we provide 24/7 support through a capable in-house service fleet. Our goal: to protect your investment for a long time to come.

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