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    Training Consulting and Provision

    Since it opened its doors in Stadtlohn in March 2019, the TEDOM SCHNELL Academy has been providing a wide array of educational consulting services as well as training programs for combined heat and power technology. Its responsibilities extend to designing and executing staff development programs relating to TEDOM SCHNELL applications with the TEDOM Group, including induction and continuing education programs for our service technicians. We work to be good corporate stewards, believing that our responsibility does not end at the factory door but includes safety, the climate and the environment as well. That is why we invest in tomorrow today. We aim to give each one of our employees a unique foundation on which to grow and nurture their talent. We aim to constantly build on that foundation, too. We spare no effort in providing our customers with superior and sustainable service – today and in the future. Our classes are geared toward partner companies and operators of TEDOM SCHNELL CHP units so that we can advise and assist them as well. That is why we also provide training right at CHP unit sites. Depending on the course, classes may run from a single day to several weeks and end with a test and a certification.


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    Our Academy

    • Maintenance and constant optimization of our service technicians’ quality standards
    • Use of cutting-edge teaching methods such as interactive presentations that enable students to learn about various subjects in groups and alone
    • Teaching of standard inspection / testing and repair processes throughout TEDOM SCHNELL GmbH
    • Small, efficient student groups with no more than eight members
    • Coverage of special aspects of our entire portfolio of CHP units
    • Use of many different exhibits to appraise and assess typical damage patterns in order to fully and effectively train every service technician how to diagnose problems.

    Talk to us about your focus areas and training preferences. We will be happy to work with you to develop custom training and continuing education programs.

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