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    Your CHP unit is the heart and soul of your plant. To ensure it delivers high, optimized power for a long time to come, we’ll support you with quality, transparent planning and exceptional service expertise. Having produced and installed over 4,000 units, we have accumulated extensive knowledge, from CHP technology all the way to integration and maintenance. Our service team has grown with our installed base and now consists of more than 200 highly skilled technicians. We and our international service team work on units all over the world. In other words, there’s always a technician nearby who can quickly come to your site if necessary.

    We service third-party gensets as well. In addition to servicing CHP units, our experienced employees in the Biogas Plant Service department will take care of your entire biogas plant. Regular servicing extends a CHP unit’s operating life and ensures your system’s efficiency.

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    Service Centers

    Our service regions are divided into service satellite offices, with highly skilled service technicians permanently assigned to your plant. That keeps response times short and allows us to drive out to you for questions, maintenance or malfunctions.

    • More than 200 service technicians
    • Highly skilled, permanently assigned service technicians for high-quality fault resolution and maintenance
    • Permanently assigned available contacts to answer all your CHP unit questions
    • Technicians only a short drive away
    • Short plant downtimes
    • Prompt resolution of complaints
    • Assistance in documenting and complying with customer’s contractual duties (operator obligations, health and safety)
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